“Not Fitting In” With Sandy Duperval | Getting real with Paula

This week on Getting real with Paula, we are speaking with Sandy Duperval. The timing is perfect as she has just released her new single “Run Away” whose lyrics refer to not fitting in. In this conversation, we are talking about standing strong in your own identity, regardless of other people’s opinions.

Talking To Phil Vassell | Black Canada Talking™

Black Canada Talking™ is a live online event that provides Black Canadians opportunity to give their takes and POVs on stories that are of importance to them. Phil Vassell is the Artistic Director of the Sauga City Music Festival and Conference, and the Executive Director of the Toronto Urban Music Festival Incorporated, which produced TUMF and the IRIE Music Festival. He is the Co-founder/Publisher of Word Magazine, Canada’s award-winning Black culture magazine which was published successfully from 1992 to 2012.

Moy Talks life beyond the surface

Jessica Blake is an author (“Seeker: Searching for Truth at all Costs”), co-host of a faith podcast show (“What’s on your Mind”), and a singer-songwriter who is passionate about creating and promoting content that points people to spiritual truth and Christ.

DJ Rommy | Patrick Auguste Reçoit

Dans cette episode de Patrick Auguste Reçoit, nous avons l’hnneur accueillir Dj Rommy, P-DG de la Compagnie Cadence Artistique. À ne pas rater!

Moy Talks life beyond the surface

Moy Talks life beyond the surface.

Shawna’s mission is to speak life and create an abundance of music to overshadow the negative messages and music of the world. Music that speaks life so people can receive freedom, healing, and be encouraged to overcome challenges in their life and walk out their purpose and be acquainted with the one who Leads the Way.