Sunday, April 18, 2021
Today on the Griot in Me we have Michel Paisible, a Haitian musician in the Gatineau region.
Today on the Griot in Me we have Mireile Apollon, a municipal councillor, deputy mayor; vice-president of the municipal council; president of the arts
Today on the Griot in Me we have Timal Garnier, musician, artist and songwriter based in Gatineau.
Today on the Griot in Me we have Ken Campbell who is the current president of Jaku Konbit. Jaku Konbit is one of Ottawa’s more dynamic and proactive community-based organizations.
Today on the Griot in Me we have Serge Cham who is the Haitian Author living in Ottawa, he is known for pieces like "Comment être heureux en amour" and "À l'école de mes élèves".

Business Culture

She is an inspired performing artist, seasoned teacher, choreographer and founder of The Cultural Arts Studio, School Of Afro-Caribbean Dance.
Our own Len Puckerin interviews Justice Donald McLeod at the 2019 National Black Canadians Summit at Ottawa’s National Arts Centre. Justice McLeod stresses the importance of proper representation of the Black community in media, stating “Sometimes the best media what can portray us, is us.”

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