Sunday, April 18, 2021
Is the time for you to join in for my conversation with Greg Fergus, Liberal MP for Hull-Aylmer. While Greg has been quite in demand lately, he is taking the time to sit with us and share his thoughts on current events in Canada and in the world as well.
Dons pour la fabrication de masques sanitaires à Camp-Perrin Haïti - Une collaboration entre Haïti Futur-Canada et nOula Coop nOula et Haïti Futur-Canada ont joint leurs efforts afin d'appuyer ses partenaires haïtiens à produire des masques sanitaires réutilisables. Haïti Futur-France...
At The Griot in Me we believe that it's our responsibility to carry our own stories forward. The stories we archive today will be remembered tomorrow.
Today on the Griot in Me we have Mireile Apollon, a municipal councillor, deputy mayor; vice-president of the municipal council; president of the arts
Today on the Griot in Me we have Rawlson King, he's the first black Canadian Ottawa City Councillor, elected on April 15, 2019.
Bia Media est fier de présenter - Salon du livre Afro-Canadien 2019 avec Frederic Boirond Intervieweur (s): - Alliance Ludmilla - Nicole Baptice Invité(s): - Frédéric Boirond !! Abonnez-vous !! En savoir plus sur BiaMedia: ► REGARDER PLUS: ► ECOUTER LIVE: ► Ce Que Vous Avez Manqué: ► SUIVEZ BiaMedia sur Instagram: ► LIKE BiaMedia sur Facebook: ----------- Bia Media is proud to present - Salon du livre Afro-Canadien 2019 with Frederic Boirond Interviewer(s): - Ludmilla Alliance - Nicole Baptice Guest(s): - Frederic Boirond !! Subscribe!! Get MORE of BiaMedia: ► WATCH MORE: ► LISTEN LIVE: ► CATCH UP on What You Missed: ► FOLLOW BiaMedia on Instagram: ► LIKE BiaMedia on Facebook:
Dr. Vibe hosts a conversation for and about Black Canadian in which the conversation topics are: immigration, branding Black and the International Decade for People of African Descent.

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