Sunday, April 18, 2021
Donovan McKenzie is a community mental health advocate with special interest in mens issues. He has spent years helping people to challenge ideas about what it means to be a man. Donovan has turned his pain into purpose. He has and will continue to rewrite the narrative for what it means to be a man struggling with mental health, and Heart of a Man here to help others do the same

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Live Today At 5 P.M. Eastern/2 P.M. Pacific – Black Canada Talking™ -Raising Black Boys From A Black Canadian Women’s Perspective The scheduled panellists are: Event Planning Specialist, Inspirational Speaker, Podcaster and Activist, the multi-faceted Nicole Waldron works tirelessly for the...

On the July 5, 2020 edition of Black Canada Talking™, the conversation topic was The Impact Of The Defonte Miller Judgement Especially On Black Youth, Policing In Canada And The Canadian Justice System. The panelists were: El Jones is a spoken...

Live Today At 3 P.M. Eastern/12 P.M. Pacific – Aisha K. Staggers With Special Guest Jill Jones “Staggers State Of Things – July 11, 2020” Aisha K. Staggers had her first major publication, an album review, in The New Haven...
Patrick J. Patterson, MSW, MPH is President of Global Partners for Fathers and Families Consulting
Now more than ever, Blacks across Canada are uniting and finding courage to speak directly to elected officials and allies…
PushBlack Now Daily inspiring Black stories just for you
Today on the Griot in Me we have Violène Gabriel, a nurse at Soins continus Bryuere, and founder the Regroupement Affaires Femmes - RAF

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The Dr. Vibe Show™: Dr. Chetachi Egwu And Lia Miller “What...

Come join Fr. Vibe, Dr. Chetachi, and Lia Miller on a conversation diving into the minds of black women and exploring topics such as expectations that are placed, how they handle the pressure and what a strong black woman is afraid of.