Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Moy Talks

Tonight on "Moy Talks" at 7 pm! Live on right here on Facebook or YouTube at Join us for our "Coming of Age Series with Carlos Anthony, as he shares his unique experiences with childhood trauma and details his misadventures as a boy coming into manhood. Carlos is a Mental Health Advocate & Writer for TV, Film, Short Stories, Commercials and Articles. Carlos Anthony opens up about the vulnerabilities that Black men face and the stereotypes associated with those vulnerabilities.
This week on Getting real with Paula, we are speaking with Sandy Duperval. The timing is perfect as she has just released her new single “Run Away” whose lyrics refer to not fitting in. In this conversation, we are talking about standing strong in your own identity, regardless of other people’s opinions.
Cette semaine à Getting Real with Paula, nous parlons d’accompagnement périnatal avec Jessie Legent. Chaque année, au Québec, près de 23 000 familles sont touchées par le décès d'un bébé. On appelle deuil périnatal le deuil vécu par les parents de bébés décédés pendant la grossesse (in utero), durant l'accouchement ou au cours de la première année suivant la naissance. Cette réalité qui se vit souvent sous silence demeure encore de nos jours un secret trop bien gardé…
This week at Getting Real with Paula, we are talking inclusion with Ania Ursulet. Despite the fact that we can move relatively easily from continent to continent around the world nowadays, the term ′′ inclusion ′′ still remains to this day a concept we aspire rather than a reality well integrated into our living together .. Although different definitions exist, inclusion means a democratic effort to ensure that all citizens, whether disabled or not, can participate fully in society, on a principle of equal rights. In other words, an inclusive society doesn't leave anyone away. So what would be the thought paths for everyone to fully take their place regardless of their characteristics.
Rejoignez nous pour cet épisode de Patrick Auguste Reçoit pour un entretien avec Mélanie Gatt Coach certifiée en Programmation Neuro-Linguistique (PNL) et Louis Gravelle Coach social.
This week at Getting Real with Paula, we welcome Bettyna Belizaire who is officially candidate for the municipal elections in the Outaouais sector (Plateau sector). His inauguration took place on May 9 Which wants her to now get your questions. So, in anticipation of our conversation, don't mind putting in the comments below what you care about for the plateau industry. And most importantly, join us this Wednesday, May 12 @ 7 pm to learn more about your candidate.
IT’S MOTHER’S DAY DAY, BUT YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS BEAUTIFUL STORY WITH JESSICA & EVOND BLAKE! TUNE IN AT 7 PM, EST. RIGHT HERE ON FB LIVE OR ON YOUTUBE AT When Evond first expressed interest in dating Jessica, his friends all warned him that it was futile for a Christian to enter into a serious relationship with a woman who was deep into the New Age. After all, when they met, Jessica was a Reiki master, yoga teacher, and a self-proclaimed “white witch”. Not only were Evond and Jessica spiritually unequally yoked but Evond’s family was also closed to the idea of having a white person marry into the family. But unbeknownst to all involved, God had a plan that no one could stop.
This week at Getting Real with Paula we are talking about sickle anemia. A disease that affects more than 50 million people around the world, mostly in the black population. In Canada, 1 out of 10 black people have the falciform disease gene; and 1 out of 400 children are attained in communities at risk. Join this conversation to learn what living with sickle anemia means and discover how you can change lives too.
LeaderPOL present Quebec leaders in action: their opinion of our changing society

The Morning Vibe™

The Honourable Ahmed Hussen was first elected in 2015 to represent the riding of York South—Weston. Minister Hussen immigrated to Canada in 1993 and settled in Toronto. He began his career in public service after high school, working with the Hamilton-Wentworth social services department. Minister Hussen co-founded the Regent Park Community Council in 2002. As its president, he played a key role in securing the $500-million revitalization project for Regent Park while advocating for its 15,000 residents to ensure that their interests were protected. He was awarded the Queen’s Gold Medal for his leadership efforts in the Regent Park community.

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