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Breaking Down The Racial Divide | Getting Real with Paula

This week, on Getting Real with Paula, we are breaking down the racial divide, so we can figure out our path forward together. Can we simply talk and hear each other out? Can we start mapping our way forward as ONE HUMAN RACE. As parents, brothers and sisters, friends, colleagues, and neighbours, let’s just talk TO one another rather than AT one another…
Let’s have a conversation… Just like many of you, I have felt sadness, hurt, anger and disbelief in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. I have watched the protests and felt the unrest crossing all borders. I have heard the divisive discourses and found myself at a loss for words to describe what we are currently living through. It looks as though we are at an impasse and the way forward is far from obvious.
Changes is coming… Who am I kidding? CHANGE IS HERE ALREADY.
Join us this Wednesday June 10, 8:30 pm EST so we can have a conversation and just hear each other out…

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